Pinners California November 3-4, 2023
Mountain America Expo Center
Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 7pm

Come learn, create & connect at Pinners :)

Shopping and creativity abound at the show made just for you! Come on over - you'll get it.

Pinners teaches 130 great classes such as these....
...and has the very best shopping in Utah. Check it out!

What is the Pinners Conference & Expo?

Pinners Conference is an immersive and exhilarating event that brings together an incredible array of creative enthusiasts, DIY aficionados and expert makers, as well as the best shopping in Utah - all under one roof. With an expansive lineup of hands-on classes and captivating demonstrations, Pinners Conference is a paradise for those seeking to unlock their creative potential. Choose from over 120 classes or simply shop to your hearts delight at over 400 amazing businesses. It's Pinners Utah, where imagination and innovation collide in a whirlwind of fun!

The Basics

Admission: General (exhibits and shopping) = $12.
Class passes (incl's admission) $19 to $29
Many classes will have optional kits to buy once you're in the class. Kids 8 years and under are FREE to all events.
Where: Mountain America Expo Center, UT.  November 3-4.
Hours: Friday 10am til 8pm. Saturday 9am til 7pm.
All ticket options (except VIP) available at the door.
VIP info: VIP info here.
Parking info: Directly in front and free of charge! Parking map here.


 To find info on our host hotels for 2023 the details and booking links here. 

Our 2023 Pinners Utah

Pinners Utah 2023 is at our normal home at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, UT. We hope to see you there! All tickets still available except VIP and children 8 and under are free. Come and enjoy a great weekend!


Frequently asked questions including service info here.


There is good free parking at the Mtn America Expo Center but it does get tight. Click here for parking options in the main lot and lots across the street.

"My friend and I enjoyed every minute of it! Amazing shopping, huge class selection and our favorite part was the darling ladies who greeted us at the door! I’ve told all my friends how amazing it was-we will all be back next year.”
- Mary Lou


"Oh wow! I loved the huge selection of classes. It was so hard to choose just one during each time slot. Cannot wait to do 2 days next year instead of 1 day. So much fun!"

- Attendee feedback form

"I can't recommend the Pinners Conference enough! It seriously gets better and better every year. The classes are amazing and I always find the cutest stuff at the booths. I don't think I'll ever miss it!

- Tristan Peterson

"I have to tell you guys that this was (quite literally) the most fun my sister and I have had in a very long time. We loved the shops, the classes, the entire feel of the conference was amazing. We really look forward to next year. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful event."

- Utah attendee

"When your Pinterest dreams come to life at #pinnersconf you can't help but have a perma-smile on your face. Ha!"

- Melissa Hendershot

"Pretty much the greatest thing ever!! #pinnersconf did not disappoint!! Definitely will be going again next year!" #mycupoftea

- @bobbiegwen

"This event is so much fun! I rarely spend money on myself, so Pinners weekend is the treat I look forward to all year long."

- Kjirsten Keetch

"An amazing event! It's so fun to check out all of the fun shops and classes. It's our favorite show!"

- Betsy Mikesell

"We loved everything about this. Thank you!"

- Jen Miller

"Enjoyed some mother-daughter time at Pinners Conference over the weekend! Our first time going and it was SO cute and fun!"

- @suzysqueuepiekeeper

"Wow!! Pinners did NOT disappoint!! 2 full days of shopping, crafting, eating, laughing, inspiring and lifting moments! I gained knowledge, self love and some of the most incredible inspiration I've ever received! Can't wait til next year!!"

- @deviniesdesire

"What a fun day! I love Pinners because it's a giant buzzing hive of creative minds and strong, talented women."

- Lola Hunt

"PinnersConf has been absolutely amazing. I could never asked for a better weekend of creating, connecting and learning! It has seriously been as great as I knew it would be!"

- Hilary Gingell

"I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but I had such a great time at Pinners! I sewed, I laughed, I learned,  painted, stained, cross stitched, drilled and braided."

- Annie Borges

"We go to Pinners every year! I know everyone says they love the classes, but we come for the shopping booths and never go home empty handed."

- JoAnn Carter

"If you have never been to @PinnersConf - YOU NEED TO GO! We had the best time learning (a big list of stuff :). Can not wait for tomorrow!"

- @sweetiestastytreats