Pinners California November 3-4, 2023
Mountain America Expo Center
Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 7pm

2023 floor map with 500 great shops & 120 classes :)   

2023 Exhibitors

1% Fitness
108 Meditate
7 Degreess
A Bountiful Kitchen
A Holistic Solution
A Permanently Beautiful You
A Spice Above
A Wondoughful World
Addison Lane Designs
Adorn Purse Co
Alaskan Wooden Spoon Company
Alpine Ceramics
Amor Vines
Anxiously Elevating Beauty
Arabello Bags
Arkon Mounts
Arno Chocolates
Ayla and Company
B Goods Lettering
B-Flex America
Babe's Boutique
Babeehive Goods
Bamboo Pillows
Bands of Color Bracelets
Banks Jewelry
Baqe Cosmetics
Barlow & Co Fine Wood Working
Base Camp Treats
Basil and Blush
Basil Village
Be You Boutique
Becoming With Becky
Bees Baked Art
Bella Mikol Designs
Big Daddy Hills BBQ LLC
Bijou Bracelets
Black Crow Caramels
Blonde Fox Studios
Blue Lobster Puzzles
Bluebird Candy
Blueprints Project
Blush & Bloom
Bob 'N' Poppy
Boon Ties
Bowman Art
Brighten Blades
Brighten Day Pigments
Brighter Beauty
Bronze Cactus Sunless
Brooke Romney Writes
Build Family Connection
C&C Candies Licorice
Cake by Courtney
California Fresh Home
Called to Surf
Cam's Crochet
Cancan Clean
Carter House Co
Cats & Crystals
Centered in Christ
Chantelle Nicole Jewelry
Chellee Boutique
Chloe Skye Wear
Citrus Pear
Clean Monday Meals
Coconut Cleaning Co.
Color Scriptures by LDS Bookstore.com
Color Street
Copper and Cloth Shop
Cozy Confidence
Cozy Ups
Crae Home
Craft Kits 2 Go
Craft Some Joy/ Creative Memories
Crosswalks Boutique
Cruize & Aerith
Crzkdz Boutique
Curly Fries Closet
Cutco Cutlery
D&J Woodcrafts, Gifts, and Toys
Daisy Dot Depot
Dakota Ridge
Dani Todd Enterprises
Darling Deer Boutique
Designed by Ashlee Fillingim
Designer Park Company
Discovery Toys
DIY Crafting Trove
Dottie and Jo
Double Dippin
Dreamland Baby
Dreamwood Rings
DT Cosas
Dumber Scooters
Eames & Jean
Eastern Outer
Easton Timber Co
Element Cryotherapy and Wellness
Emily Shay Art
Endless Permanent Jewelry
Ensemble Hair by Jess Hallock
Erika Joanne Art
Erne Pickleball
Esty Design Co
Faceless by Mikkele
Fallen Sky Stone
Feast Mode
Fiction Mobile
Fijn Co
Fire Fiber
Fleek Kidz
Flourish Heirloom
Flowers of the Press
Freckled Pine
Freya Clay Co
Fudge Co
Gelly Drops/The Felt Pod
Gemini Smile
Gems Jewelry (Gems By Laura)
Geoform Designs
Get Out Pass
Gigi's Gourmet
Girlie Locks Co.
Gold Naturals
Golden Mae
Grace Design Boutique
Graham Swim
Grandma Twilas Gourmet Fudge
Grandpa Beck's Games
Grove Collective
Handmade Studio
Happy Feet
Heartwood Shop
Heather Rasband Coaching
Heirloom Kitchen Co
Hello Dolly
Hello Sugarhouse
Hey June Shop
Hidden Avenue
Hive and Home
Hoins Photo
Holey Bricks
Holiday Rush
Holly & Stone
Holos Clothing
Home James!
Honey + Ice
Hook'd Permanent Jewelry
Hope Haven Little Homes
Hopperly Ever Crafter
Humanitarian Experience
Iamjack Clothing
Ihana Collection
Ilu Boutique
Isla Grove Boutique
J.C. Hats and Belts
J.O.T Journals
Jax and Mel
Jenna Mckell Creates
Jenni Nakken Books
Jenny Fowler Art
Jo Jewelry
JoJo's Chocolate
Journey Girl Official
Judy's Gingerbread
Julieann Caramels
June Crochet Co
Jus Pamper Me
Just Ingredients
Just Joy Shop
Kai Adventure Co
Kailey Belle Designs
Kal Babies
Kanga Toys
Kate Torman Art
Kaxi Co
Kelles Rings
KJ Woodworking
Knotted Poppy
Komosus Counters
Kozy Knit Designs
Kristina Linton Art
L'Brie Pure N' Natural
Lacuna Accessories
Later Gator Shop
Latter Day Kids
Laura Lives The Good Life
Lazy 3 Leather Company
Libbies Bracelets
Light Your Home
Lil' Miss Miley's Baby Boutique
Lilly and Pear
Lima Hana Studio
Line Upon Line Co
Linked Jewelry
Lipsense/SeneGence/Glamour Connection
Lita's Literature
Livi Lou Designs
Lizzy House
Locked and Loaded Utah
Loddie Doddie
Lots of Love Bowtique
Lottie Lemon
Lou Lou and Company
Lounge & Liv
Love Joy Fibers
Lowe and Co. Jewelry
Lux and Whimzi
Luxe Couture
Mack and Rex
Madison Avenue
Madison's Designs
Make it Pretty by Lisa
Mama and Mini Mr.
Mamma Mangia
MandaLynn Creations
Marble Board Games
Mauve Jewelry Co
McKin Rae and Co
Memory Lane Productions
Mia and Mac
Modern and Chic Boutique
Modern Maykes
Modern Piggy
Moji Life
Mona Moonlight Designs
Mountain Town Olive Oil
Munchkin Lane LLC
My Massage Pillow
My Tulips Grow
MyiAQ- My Indoor Air Quality
Nail Cocktail
Nanapuras Peruvian Handicrafts
Nani Swimwear
Nauvoo Remembered
Nayie Co
New Tradition Crafts
Norman Book Series
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Novy Co.
NuWater Technologies
Oak Lane Market
One Loved Babe
One Simple Wreath
Organize Simply
Orson H Gygi Co
Our Family Passport
Paige Payne Creations
Palm and Fig Books
Pampered Chef
Patched & Co
Patty Varney Boutique
PawTree- PetPro Team
Peachy Penguin Co
Pearls With Purpose
Perfectly Imperfect Pottery
Picto Kits
Pierced Co
Pierced by Mac
Piercings by Blush Ink
Pillows 4 Everyone
Piper Finn
Player and Pine
Plum Diddle
Poppy Seed Poms
Practically Wholesale
Press Hall
Pretty Little Plumbs
Quayle Handcrafted
Quinn St
Rachael's Favorite Things
Rad Resins
Raggedy Haven
Raw Eddy's
Red Aspen Nails
Red Giant Escape Rooms
Redmond Trading Co./Real Salt
RedStone Olive Oil
Reece and Co/ Luxe Pickle Ball
Remarkable Journals
Reset Your Nest
Riposo Medical Spa
Riverbottom Butterflies
Rowley's Red Barn
Royal Bee
Ruby Ribbon
Rustic Bloom
Ruthless Apparel & Designs
SadieB Personal Care
Salt & Hart
Salt City Sewing Studio
San Diablo Churros
Sarah Madeline Art
Savannah's Sweets, Soaps & More
Scoots Baby
Serve Clothing
Shanae Nae Bands
Shea's Chic
Shelly Cluff Art
Shop Andi
Shop Back Home
Shop Chiva
Shop Innhance
Shop Jojo Skye
Shop Korra
Shop Little Dude
Shorties Golf
Silverspoon Rings
Simple Sawyer
Simply Celestial Designs
Sinful Food
Sirop Co
Six Sisters Stuff
Skeeter's Planners
Sly Beauty Cosmetics
Snap It Hot
Something New Jewelry Care
Southern Grace Mercantile
Sova Baby
Splendipity Hammocks
Statesman Ties
Stella & Co
Stella Jane's LLC/ Celia's Gourmet
Stone City Farm
Stuff'd Gourmet Creations
Sully's Great Snacks
Sunward Jewelry
Sweet Bath Co
Sweet Cedar
Sweet N Swag
Switchable Pics
Syd Squared Jewelry
T.E. Designs
Take Heart Rocks
Tangled Trends
Taryns Down to Earth Designs
Tea Please
Tear Drop Hair Care
The Barn Company
The Caramel Tree
The Cleansing Stone
The Color Amber
The Dating Divas
The Elwen Cottage
The Essential Calendar
The Fish Family Soap Co
The GeoProject
The Golden Era of Cinema
The Gripstic
The Haircut Box
The Happy Flavor
The Holiday Co Shop
The Holiest Crap
The Hypochlorous Company
The Jarvis Home
The Kreative Kiln
The Modern Attic
The Picnic Company
The Plant House
The Rosy Nook
The Sugar House Bakery
The Tie Shop
The Wood Connection
Thimble and Whim
Thrive Life
Tiho Designs
Tiny 3D Temples
Tiny Turban Shop/ Sky Blue Pink Company
Tobiq Family Travel Bags
Toffee Teasers
Treasured Bath Bar
Trendy Creations
Tribe 21 Boutique
True Love Skin Care
True North Brain Center
Turquoise Traders Direct
Two Sisters Soap
Unlocking Bright Minds
Unwrapped, Freeze Dried Candy
Upper Limit Supplements
Utah Kids Club
Verse Your Hair
Vertical Clinic of Chiropractic
Vibe Jewelry Company
Vitalize Juice Company
Wasatch Woodshop
Wax On Wax Off Creations
Wax Rehab
Waypoint Wanders
Went to Market
Weston & Graham Boutique
What A Fig
Wild One Clothing Co
Wild Silk Soap Co
Willow Specialty Florist
Wix and Wax Candles
WonderPax- ClickHeat
Wood + Berry Designs
Worthy Written Words
Written In The Stones
Yinergy Wellness
Zaana Jewelry